Three reasons why camping is a catalyst to children’s growth

The benefits of camping and outdoor education have been shown to be an important part of the development of young people. An outdoor camp or experience offers many benefits including the ability to inspire people through natural surrounds, to learn through shared experiences and to grow on a personal level after overcoming adversity. It’s time for children to put away their lPhones and IPads and instead spend time outdoors. YMCA Brisbane throws a spotlight on three reasons why you should encourage your child to spend time camping:

Camping inspires children

  • Children build resilience and are given encouragement to endure setbacks, try new (and sometimes frightening things) and to see improvement when they give challenges another try.
  • Children can reconnect with nature. Outdoor experiences enrich children’s perception of the world and supports healthy development through active recreation in nature.

Camping facilitates learning in children

  • Children learn to cooperate and respect fellow campers. They learn social skills including how to share, resolve disagreements, communicate effectively and how to work as a team.

Camping gives children an opportunity to grow

  • Camping teaches children they can! Children build self confidence and self-esteem by participation in non-competitive activities and experiencing diverse opportunities to succeed.
  • Camping offers the perfect place for children to develop independence and to practice making decisions for themselves (without the influence of parents). Children learn to manage their daily choices and develop who they are.
  • Children can relax, have fun and build connections with their peers and teaching staff.

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