Queensland Youth Parliament

Risk Management

This page contains links to a number of specific policies and gives additional information about how the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament Executive and the YMCA seek to manage risks associated with the program. There are no obvious dangers in regard to participating in the program but it is important that the Executive consider and document any potential risks and list policies that we have in place to overcome them. These policies reflect the extensive risk management strategies we have in place and those published are the policies most likely to directly affect Youth Members.

For the sake of clarity and openness, these policies are publicly available but they do belong to the YMCA and/or YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament and are copyright.

Consent Form Policy

This policy applies to activities conducted within the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament program which involve appointed Youth Members.

Signed consent is required from Youth Members for participation in the program as a whole. This consent covers limited disclosure of personal information, storage and use of the Youth Member's name and image for promotional purposes, participation in events and other matters documented on the form. Parent/Guardian signature is required for all Youth Members aged under 18 years. For future reference, records of consent will be held on file. Should consent be required but not received on time, the following procedure will be enacted:

  • Attempts to gain written consent will be repeated
  • Verbal consent will be accepted if necessary but written consent must be obtained retrospectively
  • If no consent can be gathered, participation in events requiring consent will not be permitted.

Transportation In Private Vehicles Policy

On certain occasions during the program, participants may be required to travel in a privately owned vehicle driven by a member of the Youth Parliament Executive. It is acknowledged that this practice is not ideal but it is practically necessary.Examples of circumstances in which this is necessary include:

  • Collection of participants from the airport prior to Launch Weekend
  • Dropping participants at the train station at the end of Residential Sitting Week
  • Transporting a participant suffering travel sickness to Parliament House from accomodation

Except in extraordinary circumstances, all travel during Residential Sitting Week is via chartered bus. Due to smaller numbers and varied arrival times, this is not an option for collection/drop off just prior to/just following program events. The executive will not collect or deposit Youth Members outside of these times unless specific private arrangements have been made.

In order to minimise the risks of travel in private vehicles, the program has a number of safeguards in place:

  • Photocopies of Executive Drivers' Licenses are kept on file
  • Written assurance is given by the owner of the vehicles in use that they are regularly serviced and in good condition
  • All drivers travel via prearranged routes and drive safely
  • At no time will only one participant and one Executive member be driving in an Executive driven car. The rule of three (One Participant + Two Executive / Two Participants + One Executive) applies at all times
  • Written permission is given by the Chief Executive Officer of the YMCA Brisbane for private transportation to be used

Sponsorship Policy

This policy applies to sponsorship of individual Youth Members to cover their participant fee or any other costs required to participate in the program. Specifically:

  • Applicants should not seek sponsorship prior to acceptance to the program.
  • Sponsorship prior to acceptance does not guarantee selection as a Youth Member nor is it considered part of the selection process
  • Ample assistance with finding sponsorship will be provided after Youth Members are appointed
  • Sponsorship and what it entails is a contract between the sponsor and the individual who receives the assistance.