Learn gymnastics at our Bowen Hills location. We have a variety of programs suitable for different age groups.

YMCA Bowen Hills was established in 2O12 and is affiliated with Gymnastics Queensland. Our program offers classes for participants of all abilities from infants to adults, with the focus on allowing all students to push their boundaries, challenge their limits, perform to the best of their abilities and most of all enjoy the time they spend training with us here at the YMCA.

Featured Programs at YMCA Gymnastics Bowen Hills


Fun movement classes, perfect for toddlers to 5 years old.


Seamless pathway for your child's first experiences into gymnastics.


Chances to train, perform & compete in the Australian National Levels (Level 3-10) at all tour events.

Adult Gymnastics

Various adult gymnastics classes across all levels of ability, e.g. tumbling classes, gym fit classes, & team gym classes.

Don't know which class suits you?

We understand how difficult it is to make a right decision. Our YMCA Bowen Hills team is happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the right gymnastics class to begin with. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trainer, whether you're looking for a kindergym class for your baby or a pathway program for your child to develop over the years, we have the equipment, staff and expertise to suit all your needs.

Your gymnastics destination in Bowen Hills

We pride ourselves on fun, exciting & quality gymnastics programs that will encourage your kids to participate in a safe and structured environment. All YMCA programs focus on:

  • Developing strength
  • Developing flexibility
  • Teaching listening skills
  • Gaining self-esteem and confidence
  • Providing social interaction with peers
  • Teaching goal setting
  • Developing cognitive abilities to help in the classroom
  • Developing skills to enhance in other sports
  • Having fun moments

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Contact Bowen Hill Gymnastics

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PH: 07 3851 8800
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FairPlay vouchers is one of the initiatives of Activate! Queensland program by Queensland Government to improve physical literacy in the early years and promote more opportunities to be physically active within communities. 

YMCA Bowen Hills is proudly a registered activity provider of this program. Parents, carers or guardians can apply for FairPlay vouchers valued up to $150 for your child/ren (aged 5-17).

These vouchers can be used towards payment of YMCA Bowen Hills Gymnastics fees. For detailed information on how to apply click here.

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