28 April 2020

Staying connected through 'Logging On'

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How awesome is it to receive a surprise email or text message? Even better still, how good does it feel to send a message of kindness, or a hilarious meme?

Remember that physical distancing does not need to mean social disconnection. Let’s face it, technology is our main point of connection now - luckily there are so many ways we can use technology to stay connected.

Receiving support and care from others has a powerful effect on helping us cope with challenges and brings a sense of comfort and stability. Talking through our concerns, thoughts and feelings with others can also help us find helpful ways of thinking about or dealing with a stressful situation. Let’s not forget good, old-fashioned fun too. Bring your randomness, have fun, bring light where there is darkness. Here are some cool ideas:

  • Phone a friend or family member
  • Send a text to someone you don’t often contact
  • Send an email or Facebook message
  • Jump on ZOOM or Skype and chat with friends
  • Share quick and easy recipes
  • Start a virtual book or movie club
  • Join an online choir
  • Schedule a workout together over zoom or video chat
  • Forward a funny meme
  • Join an online group or peer forum
  • Create a funny Tik Tok clip (no, you’re not too old)
  • Learn something new online
  • Send a funny ‘dad joke’ to cheer someone up


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