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Y Gymnastics - Warm up #2

A fun routine to complete before moving onto our other strength, flexibility, and fitness activities.

Y Gymnastics - Splits Stretch & Technique (Video)

Working on the fundamentals of your splits stretching and technique, this video is designed for our Steps program (intermediate-advanced).

Y Gymnastics - Footpath Chalk

Practice your skills like balancing, jumping, bear walk and more. All you need is some chalk and a footpath!

Y Kids - Les Mills Class Highlight: Born to Move

Try Les Mills 'Born to Move' - designed just for kids!

Y Gymnastics - Colours Floor Video

Train with our gymnastics coach Bri from The Y Epping!

Y Gymnastics - Create your Gym!

Recreate your gym with your creativity!

Y Gymnastics -Workouts for our Levels Gymnasts

Whilst we're out of the gym, keeping up with overall core, strength and fitness is vital to returning to the gym strong and ready to train!

Y Gymnastics - KinderGym Animals Video

Go WILD with our gymnastics coaches Bec & Tahlia from the Y Bankstown!

Y Gymnastics - Word Search Activity

When practicing gymnastics is not enough, why not see gymnastics everywhere?

Y Gymnastics - Warm Up Video

Get the blood pumping with this fun warm up routine, with our gymnastics coaches Jemma and Katherine from the Y Epping!

Y Gymnastics - Cartwheel Video

Perfect your cartwheel technique with our fun video featuring coach Thea from The Y Caloundra (QLD)!

Y Gymnastics - UNO Challenge

Find a deck of UNO cards and your siblings or friends, then challenge each other with different gymnastics strength exercises! .

Y Gymnastics - Strength Dice

Build strength in your gymnastics skills with the roll of a dice - a fun activity to do solo or with a partner! Variations for Recreational/Colours gymnasts and Competitive/Advanced gymnasts.

Y Gymnastics - Handstands Skills!

Handstands are a part of so many skills in gymnastics so it is really important to get them right and learn them correctly from the start! Read our tips and tricks for perfecting your handstands.

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