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How Validation and Positive Language Affects Children

Posted in Childcare

Research shows that consistent positive or consistent negative experiences create neural pathways in developing brains that teach children how to feel about themselves, and what to expect from those around them. Here's how positive reframes and validating statements can change the way your children think. 

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Learning outdoors - how camping teaches kids resilience

Posted in Camping

You've heard the saying "the world is your oyster". We say the world is your classroom! Here's how camping can help your kids learn and grow in a world where 'smart' and 'smart phone' can feel like one and the same.

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How Childhood Reading Enhances Creativity and Confidence

Posted in Childcare

Print media may be phasing out, but the joys (and developmental benefits) of reading don't have to go with it! If a good story isn't enough already - here's even more reason to get your kids to put down their iPads, and pick up a good book.

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