Your donation helps us end hunger amongst our children.

Hungry children have a lower chance at succeeding in the classroom and connecting in the playground.

YMCA is passionate about providing children and youth who are disadvantaged by hunger and poor nutrition, with a healthy breakfast that improves their capacity to learn and be successful in school. Our YMCA Schools’ Breakfast Program provides food, equipment and support to schools free of charge, so that schools are able to provide free breakfast to all children.

Thanks to YOU, we are able to offer our Schools’ Breakfast Program to more than 155+ schools across South East Queensland.

From as little as $29, you can help us provide breakfasts for 40 children. Make a donation today and help us end hunger amongst our children.

With your help, we can sustain and grow the program while making a significant difference in our children’s future!

Please donate now to ensure no child goes to school hungry.