Leap into the inspiring world of movement with YMCA KinderGym!

The YMCA runs KinderGym classes for kids aged from walking to five years old at our gymnastics centres located near you in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

KinderGym creates opportunities for toddlers and kids to enjoy both free play and structured activities. Our KinderGym sessions assist children to develop motor skills, coordination and confidence in a fun, nurturing and safe environment.

Qualified coaches run our KinderGym programs and offer new weekly activities and exercises for children to move, play, learn and develop each week. Our programs offer much more than just a physical activity. KinderGym helps children prepare for life, transition to school and promotes a lifelong love of health, learning and sport.

KinderGym Classes for Toddlers and Kids

1. Gym Bubs

Crawlers to 2.5 years old

Gym Bubs is a fun introduction to toddler gymnastics suitable for kids from crawlers to 2.5 years old.

Delight as your child’s world opens to the power of movement as they enjoy gripping, swinging, bending and crawling. This parent/caregiver assisted class focuses on sensory awareness and play, introducing small challenges and routines. Little crawlers to toddlers aged to 2.5 years develop motor skills through simple circuits, learning basic rotational movements, shape-making, weight transferring, gripping, bending, bar hangs, jumps and crawls.

Play is a vital part of learning at this age. Girls and boys enjoy sharing invaluable child-parent play time as they progressively learn new movement patterns.

A focus on mind-body wakes the brain to connect pathways to develop foundational movement.

2. Gym Tots

2.5 years old to 4 years old

This KinderGym class designed for 2.5 years old to 4 years old refines movements and further develops gross motor movement. Cognitive and social development comes into perspective.

Children overcome hurdles, build confidence and work towards independence. Kids can then focus on key movements, improving core strength and working with their centre of gravity.

Gym Tots learn to take turns, play with others, understand direction and start to follow instructions.

Our budding gymnasts balance, swing, continue to develop upper body strength, and practice jumping.

This is a parent/caregiver assisted class.

3. Gym Kids

4 years old to pre-prep

Gym Kids is for children from 4 years old to pre-prep who are looking for more challenges.

Being a little older, our Gym Kids classes enjoy more independent exploration and discovery time with their coaches. This program refines movement, core strength and focuses on both lower and upper both strength.

Listening and social skills develop as children interact with others within a group. Children learn to move their bodies in all directions with forward and backwards rolls, and develop both sides of the body through balancing exercises.

We help children to gain independence in preparation for school. Parents become less involved as children come under the instruction of our expert coaches.

Gym Kids balance, swing, skip, climb, hang and refine single leg and arm movements.

Ready to give your child the best foundation for life? Contact us for enrolment and timetable.

Next Steps After Graduating From KinderGym

Whether your child wants to reach a whole new level in gymnastics, participate in competitions, or simply improve their health, movement and confidence, we have you covered with our different gymnastics pathways.

Y Steps

A non-competitive gymnastics program for children aged from school age up to the teen years to develop the foundations of gymnastics. Children are encouraged to move through the Y Steps program and achieve new skills at their own pace.

Y Competitive

Offers pathways for girls and boys that are a little more advanced. An exciting world of opportunities opens for children to compete in the Australian National Levels (Level 3-10) pathway at local, regional, state, national and international events.

Y Gym Sports

Offers a variety of classes for any age such as Ninja, Free G, Tumble Gym, and Teen Gym to set your child on a lifelong pathway of fitness while broadening their experience to other sports and the performing arts.

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