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Discover gymnastics at any age with a wide range of Gym Sports activities!

Y Gym Sports classes are a high-energy, high-fun alternative to traditional gymnastics classes. Navigate obstacles, test your strength and challenge your focus through gym-based activities. Y Gym Sports includes many fun and interactive exercise programs to match your interests and keep you motivated on your fitness journey!

Adults and kids are encouraged to come along. YMCA hosts a diverse range of classes to suit your skill level and fitness ability.

Our qualified coaches can’t wait to help you on your way to becoming your best self! Browse through our different classes below, or send us a message so we can help you to choose the most suitable class for you.

Y Gym Sports Classes

Ninja Gymnastics

4 years old - teens

Gym Ninja, Junior Ninja, YMCA Ninja

4 years old - 12+ years old

Gym Fit

12+ years old

Team Gym

8+ years old

Free G (Freestyle Gymnastics)

School aged children

Tumbling classes (including basic trampoline)

8+ years old

Adult Gymnastics

16+ years old

Fitter for life (Gymnastics for seniors)

50+ years old

Special Needs Gymnastics

Special programs for children of all ages with disabilities

Ninja Gymnastics | 4 years-teens

We know that every little boy and girl has real-life ninja powers! Children will never be bored at Ninja Gymnastics as they race, climb, crawl and jump through our ninja obstacle courses.

Ninja classes offer the ultimate warrior challenge for little ninjas to build strength and agility while testing their muscles and endurance. Ninja Gymnastics classes boost children’s confidence, focus and determination.

There are no skills required for Ninja Gymnastics!

We recommend that children aged five and above also spend some time in our core gymnastics classes, called Y Steps. These classes help children develop the foundations to further improve their health and fitness.

Class duration: 1 hour
Frequency: Once per week
Location: Classes are available at Jamboree Heights, Stafford and Mango Hill centres only.

Ninja Time Breakers | 6 years and up

Ninja Time Breakers is an event held every Saturday afternoon for all kids to participate in from 6 years and up (non-members welcome).
Y-Stafford's whole gym will be set up just like Ninja Warrior and the kids will race the course for the fastest time. Times will be placed on the board at the end of each session. The three fastest times at the end of the term will be awarded great prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the 6-8 years category and 9 & over category.
Bookings are essential at just $10 per child. Limited numbers each session, so book early online only.

Class duration: 1 hour
Frequency: Once per week
Location: Classes are available at Stafford and Mango Hill centres only.

Gymnastics School Holiday Programs

Gym Ninja | 4-5 years

A great one-hour session for those who need to burn energy. Exercise is proven to impact children’s development, and Gym Ninja is a fun way to launch kids into fitness and gymnastics! Our gym ninjas get to explore unique play activities at our high-quality gymnastics facilities.

Location: Jamboree Heights, Stafford, Victoria Point, Mango Hill

Junior Ninja | 5-7 years

Our junior ninjas climb, swing, roll, jump and flip their way through every class, developing new skills in an encouraging and safe environment. These classes are designed to build and increase your child’s coordination, strength, flexibility, agility and overall physical fitness.

Location: Jamboree HeightsStaffordVictoria Point, Mango Hill

YMCA Ninja | 8-12+ years

Who doesn’t want to train to be a ninja? YMCA Ninja classes are for enthusiastic children who want to learn cool tricks and moves under the guidance of qualified coaches. Work on agility, increase speed development and build fitness levels during holiday periods.

Location: Jamboree HeightsStaffordVictoria Point, Mango Hill

Gym Fit | 12+ years

Gym Fit is a teen gymnastics class specifically designed to help children develop healthy habits. We are all about helping teenagers fall in love with fitness. These classes have a body-weighted focus that strengthens young bones. See for yourself how our structured program increases coordination, balance and power. Gym Fit classes can also improve teen sleep quality and boost mental health.

Suitable for beginners who are 12 years and older with no gymnastics experience. Teens can also join other classes at the beginner level such as Team Gym.

Class duration: 1 hour
Frequency: Once per week (opportunity to attend twice per week)
Location: Classes are available at YMCA Victoria Point only

Team Gym | 8+ years

There’s nothing more exciting than teaming up with friends for gymnastics performances! Team Gym gets kids rolling, jumping, grooving and moving to electrifying routines. Teams use the floor, vault and mini-trampoline (trampette) to showcase their acrobatic and gymnastics skills.

Team Gym helps children shine as they build strong teamwork skills, improve self-confidence, social skills and reach new heights... All while having fun with friends!

Class duration: 1.5 hours
Frequency: Once per week
Location: Jamboree Heights and Acacia Ridge | *Longer sessions of 2-2.5 hours are run at Acacia Ridge.

Free G | School aged children

Freestyle gymnastics for adrenaline-seekers and those looking beyond traditional gymnastics! Think fast-paced courses and exercises to improve agility and learn tricks. These classes keep freestylers entertained with adrenaline-fuelled sports that fuse gymnastics and acrobatics with kicks, leaps, free running and breakdancing. Free G classes are for high-energy kids with the desire to challenge themselves physically and mentally.

Class duration: 1 hour
Frequency: Once per week
Location: Classes are available in Caloundra and Mango Hill | Currently available during school holidays only or for school groups

YMCA centres that offer Ninja programs also incorporate elements of Free G into their classes.

Tumbling classes (including basic trampoline) | 8+ years

Learn how to backflip and do tricks! Girls and boys combine passes and runs with tumbling skills to perform cartwheels, roundoffs, back handsprings, layouts, whips and tucks along a narrow sprung surface. Gymnasts learn how to perform fast-paced synchronised movements with incredible skill and talent. If your child loves to tumble, this sport is for them.

This class is suitable for children who have completed some beginner gymnastics training or have had some previous experience in acrobatics, cheer or dance. If your child has previously been enrolled with the YMCA or is currently enrolled with us, they should have completed Step 5 or above.

Our coaches adapt the program to suit the needs of all students, helping each individual reach their goals. Moves of varying difficultly are taught depending on class experience - ranging from mixed-level ability to intermediate.

Class duration: 1-1.5 hours
Frequency: Once per week
Location: Classes are available at Stafford, Jamboree Heights, Victoria Point, Mango Hill | Bowen Hills offers adult tumbling classes only

Adult Gymnastics | 16+ years

Adult Gymnastics classes will transform the way you live, move and feel. They are a great alternative to traditional fitness classes, offering exercises you won’t get to try elsewhere! Gymnastics focuses on improving balance and posture while also strengthening the body against potential injury. Our skilled instructors will help you develop core stability and recondition your body from head to toe. Adult Gymnastics classes are available to beginners with no experience.

Class duration:  1.5 hours
Frequency: Once a week
Location: Classes are available at Jamboree Heights, Victoria Point, Bowen Hills, Stafford, Mango Hill and Caloundra

Fitter for Life (Gymnastics for seniors) | 50+

Staying active in your 50s and beyond is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Fitter for Life 50+ classes will enhance energy levels, improve balance and develop stronger bones and muscles. Our program involves a range of gentle body-weighted workouts. It combines cardio with low impact exercise to enhance physical health and wellbeing.

Classes are a fun activity to do on your own or with friends. Our encouraging and supportive program is suitable for beginners age 50 and older. No experience is necessary.

Class duration: 1 hour
Frequency: Once per week
Location: Classes are available at Caloundra only

Special Needs Gymnastics


YMCA Stafford runs a Special Needs LEAP program for children of all ages with disabilities. In these classes, children are guided through individually-tailored exercises to improve physical ability and have fun! Classes are generally one-on-one, held during the day. If your child would enjoy or benefit from group classes, they can also join an afternoon lesson from another Y Gym Sports program, run by a qualified staff member.

The YMCA LEAP program runs five days per week and is NDIS Approved. Bookings are essential for this specialised program.

Bowen Hills

YMCA Bowen Hills offers small group classes for special schools who cater to children with a disability or learning difficulties. These classes are run during the day.

Jamboree Heights

YMCA Jamboree Heights offers one-on-one classes during the day plus opportunities for children to join a group Y Gym Sports afternoon class led by a qualified staff member. These classes are subject to coach availability and bookings are essential.

Begin here, achieve everywhere. Schedule a free trial and give your child the best possible start in life.

Explore Other YMCA Gymnastics Programs

Whether your child wants to reach a whole new level in gymnastics, participate in competitions, or simply improve their health, movement and confidence, we have you covered with our different gymnastics pathways.


KinderGym creates opportunities for toddlers and kids to enjoy both free play and structured activities. Our KinderGym sessions assist children to develop motor skills, coordination and confidence in a fun, nurturing and safe environment.

Y Competitive

Offers pathways for girls and boys that are a little more advanced. An exciting world of opportunities opens for children to compete in the Australian National Levels (Level 3-10) pathway at local, regional, state, national and international events.

Y Steps

Our Y Steps program provides a seamless pathway for you childs first experiences into gymnastics. Students are able to move through our steps program at their pace, but will be constantly motivated to reach for new levels of skills and experiences.

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