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Journey to Inclusion
YMCA Social Impact’s LEAP program aims to give people with a disability a real opportunity to live the life they choose in order to achieve their goals and aspirations. LEAP stands for learn, empower, achieve, and participate.

LEAP coordinates programs and services at the following locations to support people with a disability and their parents/carers.

We work with the goals documented within each National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan to identify individual support needs and deliver personalised programs and activities.


Our LEAP program is designed to support NDIS Participants and their parents and carers in accessing YMCA services that focus on NDIS goals.

LEAP provides NDIS Participants with:

  • Opportunities to participate in relevant developmental, social and recreational activities
  • Access to community programs including OSHC and Recreation/ Fitness programs
  • Support to further develop their own life skills with a focus on increasing their level of independence and confidence
  • At OSHC, Individualised Support Plans focused on each Participant’s NDIS goals

The service also provides parents and carers with the opportunity:

  • To access support through an Outside School Hours and Vacation Care Program
  • For their child to access a mainstream fitness or recreational program with additional support/modifications
  • To access a supportive environment that creates a stronger feeling of community and enhances well-being for the child and their family

Mario’s story

Mario requires support for life skills, including fine motor tasks such as dressing, food preparation, eating, and his personal hygiene routine. He began attending a swimming program twice a week at WIRAC, which was personalised according to the recommendations of a physiotherapist and occupational therapist. Mario was initially unsafe in the pool, and would become extremely upset if not allowed to enter the water immediately.

Throughout the program, he has learnt to follow staff gestures and abide by the set routine before entering the pool. He now knows when to stop and wait, take off his shoes, and enter the water. Mario’s mother says she has seen consistent improvement in his behaviour and focus, especially on the days he attends swimming.

Our Services

  • Our OSHC program began in 2013 at Aspley Special School after we identified a lack of After School or Vacation Care for young people with additional support needs. In 2016 the service was extended to an additional site at Mitchelton Special School.

    We work with families and NDIS Participants to:
    - Use NDIS goals to identify and document Participant support needs
    - Develop individualised program documentation (goals/ strategies, medication, toileting, communication)
    - Recommend therapists to Participants (Occupational, Speech, Physiotherapist and Psychologists)
    - Operate at an increased staff ratio to ensure Participants’ needs are met
    - Implement goal based strategies while each Participant completes OSHC activities

  • LEAP began operating at the Warwick Indoor Recreational and Aquatic Centre (WIRAC) in April 2018 to support people with a disability access the existing YMCA programs and services.

    LEAP WIRAC can support the following goal areas for people who meet NDIS criteria:
    - Increasing and assisting with social & community participation
    - Improving health and wellbeing
    - Improving daily living skills
    - Assisting with early childhood intervention and other therapies
    - Supporting children and adults to develop life skills in a safe environment

How do I apply?

  1. Complete the Enquiry form here
  2. Wait for the LEAP team to contact you with a quote
  3. Accept the quote by signing the service agreement form
  4. Meet with LEAP coordinators to document goals and programming
  5. Begin your YMCA Journey to Inclusion

Participants and their families are encouraged to contact their respective Aspley/ Mitchelton/ WIRAC LEAP Coordinators, or the YMCA LEAP office on (07) 3852 2443 to discuss the enrolment process.

If you require further information please contact the LEAP Manager Aidan Lamb directly on 0436 921 110 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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