Adrenaline High Intensity Training (HIT) is an innovative functional fitness program designed to improve strength and conditioning in a focused, fun and social environment. Distinctly different from other types of group training, Adrenaline HIT™ focuses on functional movements in a small group setting.

10 to 15 participants work closely with a coach to perfect their form and technique, creating relevant real life results they can apply to everyday activities.


  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased muscle strength and endurance
  • Increased metabolism
  • Promotes fat burn during session
  • Time efficient
  • Coach provides personal motivation
  • Builds mental resolve to help push through the “I can’t do it” barriers.
  • An improvement in general fitness and condition with benefits you experience in everyday life.


Sessions are 45 minutes long, broken down into three 15 minute sections.

Teach It - Warm up and Demonstration
Do It - Complete the exercise with perfect technique
Beat It- Complete the workout at high intensity without compromising form.

How Hard is it?

This is ultimately defined by the individual and their ability to push themselves, which can take some getting used to for those that are not conditioned to interval or high intensity training. Some people avoid high-intensity exercise because of fear of injury or that it will be too hard. However, the Adrenaline HIT high intensity training is safe, and has been developed to allow for an individual’s conditioning to be gradually built up, appropriately strengthening the joints to tolerate the stresses.