Acacia Ridge Gymnastics

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YMCA Acacia Ridge gymnastics was establish in 1977 and is affiliated with Gymnastics Queensland. Our club offers both recreational and competitive streams of gymnastics training, enabling us to cater for those who wish to participate simply for the enjoyment, as well as those who wish to compete at a club, regional or state level.



Are you eligible for FairPlay vouchers?

Parents, carers or guardians can apply for FairPlay vouchers (previously known as Get Started vouchers) valued up to $150 for their child/ren (aged 5-17). These vouchers can be used towards payment of YMCA Acacia Ridge Gymnastics fees. For detailed information on how to apply click here.
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    1391 Beaudesert Rd
    (Behind the Leisure Centre), Acacia Ridge, QLD 4110
    PH: 07 3276 7793
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